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2020/01/24 Adaptive Bike Fair

The Adaptive Bike Fair is a chance for people of all abilities to try out a variety of styles and sizes of bikes, trikes, trailers, tandems and hand cycles. Mechanics, therapists and other helpers come together to help people figure out which bike they will be most successful riding. Information is shared on how to borrow from our Adaptive Bicycle Loan program or register in our Learn to Ride a two-wheeler class. Several specialty bike vendors (e.g., Rifton, Freedom Concepts, Trivel) have also been invited to attend as well as related services organizations like the Tetra Society. No experience is necessary for most volunteer positions. All training is provided in the first hour of your shift.


Therapists help children try out different styles of bikes and confirm/suggest which bike and/or modifications will result in the most successful riding experience. Children are eligible for specific bikes based on their functional skills and level of mobility; therapists need to understand the You Can Ride 2 matching process when helping in this role. Training will be provided and previous bike fitting experience is not required. Therapists may help to advocate for a different style of bike than is recommended based on our matching algorithm, but must have appropriate justification. It is recommended that Therapists review the documents prior to the Adaptive Bike Fair and contact or with any questions. These documents will be attached to your confirmation email.
January 24, 2020 12:00 PM (4 hour shift)

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