You Can Ride 2 Volunteer Signup

2020/04/04 Bike Fitting #2

You Can Ride 2 Fitting days are our most important events as it is here that children get fit with bikes. This second event is focused on children requiring less specialized bikes. Events take place at the Goodwill Impact Centre (11415 168 Street Edmonton, AB). We provide refreshments and lunch to all volunteers.

providing food for volunteers

This role helps us keep our operating costs down by asking volunteers to help provide food and refreshment for out event volunteers. It is a great role for someone who wants to help but cannot attend the event itself. We need to provide hot meals, side dishes, snacks, sweets, and cold drinks. You can help by making food yourself, by arranging for donated food from a business, or purchasing some goods and donating them yourself. This role is handled on an individual basis through the program coordinator to ensure that we get the full range of food required. Please contact to follow up with this role and to assign your specific tasks.
April 4, 2020 11:00 AM (1 hour shift)

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