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2020/04/04 Bike Fitting #2

You Can Ride 2 Fitting days are our most important events as it is here that children get fit with bikes. This second event is focused on children requiring less specialized bikes. Events take place at the Goodwill Impact Centre (11415 168 Street Edmonton, AB). We provide refreshments and lunch to all volunteers.


As the inventory control person, your role is to sign out bikes and components and to make sure we have not forgotten to record anything. We have a LOT of components/parts going out with some families and it is easy to forget things. Considering the cost of even the smallest components are often the same price as the deposit parents pay to borrow a bike, we would like to make sure we get everything back in the fall so that another child can use it next year.
April 4, 2020 9:00 AM (4 hour shift)

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