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  • Level A: Child's attention levels and understanding of safety situations when on a bike is similar to other children their age.
  • Level B: Child has some challenges with attention or understanding beyond what would be expected for their age. Child may have a mild to moderate cognitive delay, may be impulsive at times and may not consistently identify situations that may be unsafe. Child generally responds to commands to “stop” and basic directions.
  • Level C: Child requires significant supervision for all tasks beyond what would be normally expected for their age.
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Families experiencing financial difficulties may be eligible for a subsidy. Click HERE to see if you are eligible.

All You Can Ride 2 services are provided in English. If you require the services of an interpreter, please let us know.

All information provided and generated by staff will be maintained by the organization in order to ensure continuity in the evaluation process for participants in future years, and allow for the best tracking/monitoring of outcomes. Please note that such information may also be maintained for an indefinite period by the organization in anonymized form for general purposes, including in order to allow for program assessment and improvement, allow for research and/or study, and/or grant and financing application purposes.